Mars in virgo vedic astrology

Doctors, surgeons, nurses and social workers often have Mars placed here. There is much associated with this placement that involves helping people. You may be especially concerned with helping the sick and handicapped.

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You need to feel needed, and you can be very tireless in such a role. Mars, the indicator of passions, is not very passionate in Virgo. Your sex drive may be strong, but your willingness to express it can be somewhat weak. Sometimes Mars in Virgo can even be a bit puritanical. You also may be a little bit afraid of letting your passions loose, and even be critical of those that do. Mars in Taurus.

Mars in Astrological sign of Virgo

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Mars in 4th House. Mars in 5th House. Mars in 6th House. The energy of Virgo is diligent and careful.

Domicile (astrology)

There can be a focus on cleaning, decluttering, and tidiness. Virgo governs your daily work, routines, and habits of a more practical nature, along with health, exercise and eating habits.

This is the energy for creating improvement in your life. It takes what is—whether that be a process, a product, or a person—finds the flaws and then tries to correct them. These minute course corrections are what takes your life from ordinary to extraordinary.

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When Mars transits Virgo, everyone is a critic. There will be people who are lining up to tell others what they are doing wrong—in detail. This may sound like something that happens all the time, but with Mars is in Virgo you can see and experience it on a whole new level.

The amount of detail people will go into about what others are doing wrong can fill volumes. Think of it as criticism on steroids.

There can be more of a focus on calling out the problem rather than being diplomatic and constructively working on solutions. That we will experience when Mars goes into Libra.