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So stay focused on your top priority, work wise, and you can move your career into a new and exciting phase. The planet Mars is triggering a sense of urgency about achieving financial security. You may be spending more than usual during this time, but it will be a temporary situation. After July , you will see an increasing demand for your goods or services. It seems everyone will be beating a path to your door. Watch for the full moon June 12 to bring a culmination to your career, with plenty of publicity resulting.

Trusting your instincts will spare you many upsets, accidents and disappointment. However, at the same time this aspect will highlight self-worth, self confidence and resources you have gathered so far. How can you make best use of them sufficiently to step outside of your financial comfort zone, especially when dealing with the public?

With both Saturn and Pluto in your house of business, projects and ideas, you have to let go of old ideologies and thought processes that are not progressive or creative enough to compete with your peers and those who have similar ideas. The key is to let go of stagnated ideas that are of no support to your success. Meetings with remarkable women around July 2nd Full Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer, could also manifest increased financial security and improvement in work.

With Uranus still in Aries until March 7th, your house of work, health and service will still be a major focus. This transit is an indication of imminent changes, upheavals and alarming news that requires immediate action. An excellent cycle to start learning to trust your instincts a lot more, with ideas that come to you out-of-the-blue, bringing resolution to problems. SEX: Neptune in Pisces still remains in your house of love, happiness, childhood and risks until March 31st Your viewpoint needs an overhaul.

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With Uranus in Taurus, March 7th - July 7th , the substance of a person is the character trait you should look for in a potential partner, not just the physical. Friends from the past could also resurface temporarily for re-connection to be made. Health will also start to become a major focus.

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This is a year to encompass all points of view and not become too fixated on your own opinion or perspective. Try to be practical and maintain higher ideals throughout the year.

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I had fun making this tragic horoscope it was also a chance to practice digital art and I hope you will enjoy it too! I apologize for any grammar mistake, I tried my best :P. Tighten Up. Fuck Jobs. Somebody Else. I for one will not be held responsible for someone else, I gotta go.

Tattooed Tears. End of summer. Think Your Nose is Bleeding. I can roll a cigarette with my eyes closed, too hot to feel pain. Flying Model Rockets.

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Our loves the only thing that could matter. Keep reading. What can you expect in the coming year? Aries: Mars and Uranus, retrograding in Aries, will give you enough energy to follow through your plans. Arians can be sure that nothing will be able to stop them. The period from April to June of is especially advantageous for courageous actions. The coming year promises to be auspicious regarding your health as well. In the second half of the year, your energy will start to decline, and you will need more rest.

You will learn to appreciate family values more and feel the joy of having a better half. Single Arians will start thinking about marriage. In the sphere of money and career, you will experience some difficulties. By the beginning of spring, you will manage to find an additional source of income that will help you to improve your wellbeing. Make sure you remain working with consistency. Taurus: At the beginning of the year, your ruling planet, Venus, will be in Scorpio, enhancing your diplomatic skills and making you more tolerant with others. Taureans will need to take their moods under control in order to save relationships.

In August, Uranus will help you improve your public image. Your love life is going to be unsteady. You will need to work hard trying to win the trust of your loved one. A somewhat selfish approach this year may lead you to relationships outside of marriage. Single Taureans will be in demand with the opposite sex.

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Still, is not the right moment for long-term commitments. As for your career, the time has come to reconsider your priorities. You will need to readjust your budget at the beginning of spring. The situation will improve by the end of Health issues can be resolved with the help of new relaxation methods.

Gemini: The coming year is going to be especially exciting for those representatives of Gemini zodiac sign who are interested in sports and art. In you will get an opportunity to develop your talents. Usually lucky in all romantic affairs, Gemini representatives will have to face indecision and communication problems between March and June. Develop your empathy and resort to honesty in order to overcome these problems.

Pleasant surprises wait for those who are still single. Professional life in the coming year will depend on your readiness to improve your training and overcome your personal limits.

From May until September, you will need to readjust your budget to avoid possible financial problems. Cancer: At the beginning of the year, Cancers are more likely to be dissatisfied with their love life. Suspicions and inner doubts may spoil your mood. Hopefully, your partner will be understanding and ready to discuss any concerns.

In the coming year, Cancerians will accept more responsibilities at work. With the Full Moon on May 18, you will find new sources of income. Perhaps, you may even convince your relatives to invest in your projects. On the whole, health in will remain in the same condition. Your emotional state will improve as you will learn to take control of your behavior. This year is also advantageous for boosting physical and mental health. Find more time for rest and meditation to maintain peace of mind.

Leo: promises to be rich in exciting events and new acquaintances. Those who are already in a relationship should avoid the temptation of love affairs. As for your professional sphere, some opportunities will appear in spring, and you should stay sharp. Your financial situation will also start improving by the end of spring.

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You just need to follow your goals. Try to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle. If you manage to stay in shape, success is surely waiting for you in all respects. In the coming year, pay attention to your digestive system: eat more vegetables rich in iron and rye products. Also be careful with lifting weights or making effort. Virgo: It looks like you will need a lot of time to sort out your love life in the coming year.

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Virgos tend to become more pretentious and picky while looking for a partner. You should pay more attention to your sensitive digestive system. Eat more vegetables and avoid fast-food, overconsumption of meat and any kind of spicy and fried food. Pay heed to the signs that your body sends. In , Saturn in Capricorn will prevail in your money matters. You will be able to improve your financial situation in July, but it will require a lot of hard work.

The best time for work projects is summer.