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Your sign hasn't changed! Tropical Astrology is based on the seasons; Aries, the beginning of spring; Cancer, the beginning of summer; Libra, the beginning of fall, and Capricorn, the beginning of winter. Levine said that Vedic Astrology, which is favored in the east, does take the precession of equinoxes into account.

"Ascendant or Sun in Ophiuchus" Branko Zivotin, catholic astrologer - forecaster

For those who determine the zodiac signs by the stars, the new changes would be :. Capricorn: Jan.

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What do you think? Are you sticking with your current sign? Or are you looking for a switch?

Listen Live. New zodiac sign dates -- and Ophiuchus?


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  • No, Your Zodiac Sign Has Not Changed.
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  • For those who determine the zodiac signs by the stars, the new changes would be : Capricorn: Jan. Sorry, we could not find your e-mail or password. Please try again, or click here to retrieve your password.

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    More on that here for all you astrogeeks. Truth be told, this supposed star sign Ophiuchus has some interesting lore. After all, everything from the planets to the houses to the star signs themselves have mythology woven in—and why NOT this constellation? While nobody can claim Ophiuchus as their new zodiac sign, they can certainly call upon it for inspiration when needed. To the Greeks, Ophiuchus represented the god Apollo struggling with the snake that guarded the Oracle of Delphi at her temple. The Oracle of Delphi was the prophetic priestess Pythia, known for her divination powers par excellence.

    Huge fans of the priestess over here… Apollo was a major prophet too, and the god responsible for moving the Sun across the sky every day.

    Ophiuchus, the thirteenth Zodiac Star Sign

    The snake may also represent the fears that stand between life Apollo and the invigorating Sun and the afterlife the Oracle of Delphi. Non-Western cultures have a reverence for the later stages of life that are amiss in our society. And fittingly, it bears traits that are a hybrid of secretive Scorpio and live-out-loud Sagittarius.