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At mid-night in the tenth house form the Sun. Do not apply this blindly. It is a very rough method made use of by astrologers toanswer questions horary or prashna astrology when they are required to answerquestion while in a train or an aeroplane where they cannot calculate with the toolswhich they keep with them. Sunrise and sunset change from place to place and country to country.

Still thismethod will be found to be working satisfactorily. The calculation wasdone mentally while sitting in the football stadium, watching the World Cup Football in USA they call it soccer matches. My prediction was that Brazilwould win and one of the Italian players would be injured. This prediction too cameout correct, exactly. But how can we apply this to arctic regions where there are six-months of day andsix-months of night. I have no answer but I am confident I can solve this problem, ifgiven some astrological data.

I am not aware if any Indian astrologer has an answerto it. After making such mental calculations see your computer cast horoscope for ananalysis. Keep doing the exercise.

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It will help you concentrate on a horoscope, which inturn, will sharpen your predictive powers. See the examples given here. It is a rough method of mentally calculating the lagnawhen the duration of day and night are more or less equal or do not have muchdifference. The position, month by month for almost all years will be as follows —1. January 14th, Makar or Capricon at 10 am. Februay 12th, Kumbha or Aquarius at pm. March 14th, Meena or Pisces at pm. In India the day begins at sunrise 5. June 15th at am. July 16th at am. October 17th at am. November 16th at pm. For a birth in the U.

A good computer programme will solve this problem. Calculate your Lagna or the Ascendant of the Rising SignYour should still be able to calculate mentally on the basis of your Sun-sign as givenin Hindu astrology the birth ascendant of yours, at least approximately. It is donethus. See where the Sun is at the time of your birth.

Roughly each ascendant lasts for two hours. Therefore start form your Sun-sign andproceed thus —2.

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Sun at birth is in Mesha or Aries, so for two hours in the morning the ascendant orLagna will be Mesha. After two hours, the Lagna will be Taurus or Vrishabha. Another easy way of remembering it is, If you were born at sunrise your Sun willbe in your Lagna. After two hours it will move to next sign.

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Your Moon SignFrom the foregoing discussion about your Lagna, it must have become clear to youwhat your Sun-sign Hindu is. But in Hindu astrology you must know your Moon-sign also. If a specific question isput to you, tell me your lagna, the Moon-sign and the Sun-sign, you now know thatthey are three different points in your horoscope to be made use of for predictions. So the answer can be.

Your may have sometime or the other read about your life on the basis of Sun-signsor the Moon-signs and may even have been reading daily, weekly, monthly or even Now can the patterns of destiny of the entire mankind be dividedonly in twelve signs, since there are only twelve rashis? Have you seen the absurdityof the situation? So do not get addicted to such prediction. Your Janma NakshatraOn the basis of your Moon, you can see what was your Janma nakshatra or birthconstellation.

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It has to be one of the twenty-seven constellations mentioned earlier. Your janma-nakshatra is important for calculating the time-cycle described as theVimshottari dasha of years. Depending on your janma nakshatra what period ofwhich planet your are passing through is the most vital factor for predictions. If you were born in the nakshatra of Ketu 7 years it will be followed by that ofVenus 20 years etc. See the chart on nakshatras.

These are called mahadashas. Each mahadasha is sub-divided into nine antar-dashas or sub-periods. This five-fold division of dasha is the mostextraordinary and unparalleled system of timing events in the history of astrology. Do not be surprised if I tell you that though the Vimshottari dasha is the mostpopular, in Hindu astrology there are forty-five Jaimini dasha-systems and anotherfifty-four nakshatra dasha systems of Parashara, the greatest astrological genius theworld has ever produced. Divisions of Dashas for Timing Events5. We will be using only the Vimshottari dash in the book and all our illustrations willrefer to a The Mahadasha the major period b The Antar dasha the sub-period and c The Pratyantar dasha the sub-sub-period only.

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No use of the fourth division sookshma dasha or the fifth division prana dasha isbeing made use of here. But in two cases when I made use of where I was absolutelyassured that the birth time noted was without any error and the calculation of thehoroscope was cast hundred percent correct.

Do not jump to any conclusion, generally pessimistic or optimistic, only on thebasis of the dasha-antardasha etc. But rest assured the sixty percent of correctpredictions are based on it. This is the best ever method of timing events everdevised by mankind. After you have become familiar with the use of the dasha system, use transits ofplanets.

Those who over-emphsise the role of transit of planets without firstexamining the promised results of dasha, are like people who are measuring the sizeof an elephant on the basis of the length its tail. But first revise what you have beentaught so far, step by step. AspectsAfter revising it now the first preliminary step takes you into predictive astrology.

This is the aspect of planets. These aspects are general and special. Let me first takeup general aspects.

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  • All planets aspect the seventh house form their position. It can tabulated thus. Keep practising this lesson first. Take up any horoscope and see which planets, Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter,Venus and Saturn are aspecting the 7th house from its location in a horoscope. Thismust become a natural habit with you. You must remember that planets give their effects not merely from where they are ina horoscope but also produce these effects in the house which they aspect.

    Three planets Mars, Jupiter and Saturn have special aspects.


    Mars has two additionalaspects the fourth and the eighth. Jupiter has two additional aspects the fifthe andthe ninth. Saturn has two additional aspects the third and the tenth.