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And a night on the couch watching old favorites is always a good time. Just make sure you have a good selection of videos to keep the party going throughout the night. If you have a streaming video service, it's even more convenient. Also, ensure there are enough drinks, food, and snacks for everyone. Popcorn, candy, and soft drinks are all inexpensive and movie-theater favorites. And if you want something more substantial, homemade pizza is always fun to make and eat as part of the festivities.

You can buy or make individual-sized pizza crusts and put out toppings so everyone can choose the ones they like best. The last person who should forget your birthday is your best friend. As such, your best friend will be expecting you to do something to commemorate their special day. Pretending not to remember their birthday may be the best surprise ever. While they are busy getting mad at you for forgetting, you should be planning the best surprise. It can be anything from presenting a gift when they least expect it.

Or take the party to them at home, where they've been busy sulking. The best surprise birthday party ideas don't always have to be grand. Your best friend may appreciate even the little things you do to make their day special. A balloon avalanche is an excellent idea to get your party started, even if it's just lunching out with the girls. Alternatively, you can also send them a box of balloons to their home or office.

Get a big bunch of helium balloons from your local party supply store. Pick your friends favorite colors and decorate them with streamers or ribbons. Then, pack them into a big box.

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Ask a friend or colleague — someone your best friend doesn't know — to deliver them. When your friend opens the box, the balloons will be released and bring some cheer to their special day. It is one of the best birthday surprises if your best friend needs a pampering session. To pull this party idea off, gather your mutual friends and get enough manicure and pedicure sets; you can ask each guest to bring their own to minimize expenses.

You can also give your best friend an at-home massage to relax them on their special day. Set up light, refreshing fruit drinks and healthy snacks. You can also turn on your friend's favorite movie or music in the background. To add to the event, you can gift them with a new set of spa supplies or a thick, cushy bathrobe and slippers to wear. Don't underestimate the power of a kind gesture when brainstorming birthday party ideas.

This surprise means you're thoughtful and caring. Take some time to figure out what you can do for your best friend to make their day a bit easier. Have they been struggling to get a baby sitter? Has it been a while since she got her hair done professionally? If your friend has some worries or hassles in their life, doing a kind deed can go a long way. Think about what she needs most that you can offer and do it for her on their special day. As such, you should always grasp an opportunity to show your best friend how much you care for them. Their birthday is one of the best days to do this.

While it may not be easy to come up with surprise birthday party ideas, it's worth the effort. Just remember to anticipate their needs and consider their likes and dislikes when planning. That way, you can come up with a party they will love. The Party Theme. Be sure your friend would enjoy a surprise party.

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How will the guest of honor be kept busy? Fun Ideas for a Party for a Best Friend. Precious memories gifts. What are their interests? Time and date. Make sure you ask your guests to RSVP for the party so that you can get a precise number.

Lines include "For" Reason for A day of awesome fun. A walk down memory lane. Photo credit by: archzine. Number-shaped envelopes. The kidnap plan. Birthday gift climax.

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Old memories s urprise birthday party ideas. Birthday card rush. Water balloon war. Self-sealing Technology, Never Tie Again! There is one foam in every balloon, the balloons will be blocked up with the Comes with biodegradable latex water balloons and 2 of hose nozzle for easy filling The colorful water balloons include blue, green, yellow, pink, purple, red and orange.

Most importantly, don't forget to bring a swimsuit for your best friend. Car decoration surprise. Treasure hunt surprise. Road trip.

Surprise birthday party ideas for a quiet evening. Movie night. Pretend to forget the big day. Balloon avalanche. Features the logo of your favorite Colorado Avalanche on silver background Each balloon measures 18" when fully inflated Available in packs of 3. Home spa party. A kind gesture. Ugly Sweater Party for the Christmas Season.

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